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Work Permits

Work Permits

There are several types of Kenyan visas that enable foreign nations to live and work in the country. These include:

  1. Short-Term Work Visa(permit)/special pass
  2. Long-Term Work Visa
  3. Class A Work Visa(Prospecting and Mining)
  4. Class B Work Visa(Animal Husbandry)
  5. Class C Work Visa(surgeons, dentists, veterinary surgeons, legal professionals, surveyors, architects, accountants, and IT specialists)
  6. Class D Work Visa(specific employer) applies to people who have been offered a specific job by a specific employer.
  7. Class F Work Visa(Manufacturing)
  8. Class I Work Visa(people who belong to a missionary society, are a member of a limited company by guarantee, or are a member of a trust registered under the Trustees Act)

You can apply for a retirement (Class K) visa in Kenya if you are at least 35 years old. In addition to the application for the Kenyan visa, you must provide a statement that you won’t engage in income-generating activities unless you have the relevant work visa.

Application for the Kenyan Retirement Visa also requires you to prove you have an independent annual income of at least US$24 000. The income must be derived from sources outside of Kenya or from a pension or annuity in Kenya.

Your residence must benefit Kenya in some way.  We will assign a Kenyan Express immigration consultant to your case who will guide you through the requirements and steps necessary to apply for a retirement visa.

The Kenyan Business Visa is for people who want to run and/or own a business in Kenya. This allows work activities and multiple entry as a Long-Term Work Visa, from the Kenyan Directorate of Immigration Services.

This should not be confused with a Business-Travel Visa, which is a Visitors Visa used for 30 to 90 Day stays that do not allow work activities.

This long-term Business Visa is specifically considered as an Investor/Investment Visa for Kenya: These Visas are the equivalent of an Investment Visa or Permit as offered by some other countries.

A person Investing into Kenya needs this visa to gain residence in Kenya and it legally allows the holder to work in the business they have started or purchased. Another name for this immigration path to Kenya is called “Residence by Investment in Kenya”.

There are different types of Business Investment Visas in Kenya, including Class A, B, F, and G visas.

The Business Investment Visa(Permit), applies to foreign individuals who want to own or run a business in Kenya. This requires a capital Investment of 100,000 USD.

E-visas are issued to individuals looking to enter Kenya for tourism, business, or medical purposes. You can apply for this visa(permit) online. You can’t perform work-related activities on this visa, but you can attend a conference, seminars, training courses, and meetings.

Kenya business and tourist visas are for people who want to come to the country to attend business conferences, seminars, meetings, and training activities.

This Kenyan visa is also for people who want to come to the country as tourists, visit friends and family, or tour the country to see the delights Kenya offers, including wildlife safaris and Dhow sailing on the ocean.

Dependent Visa is for family members who want to join the primary visa holder in Kenya. Dependents can be included on the primary visa holder’s passport. Dependents are defined as family members, including spouses and children. You can also apply the definition to other people who, because of age, disability, or incapacity, rely on the primary visa holder for support or maintenance. It is important to note, that children who go to school or kindergarten still have to apply for a student pass.

Note: In Kenya, a multiple-entry visa is required in addition to the dependent pass.

Study Visas in Kenya are available for people who want to study or receive training at an educational or vocational establishment.

Note: To enter and remain in Kenya, applicants must have been accepted as students at their education institution of choice.

This Visa(Permit) enables dependents to accompany the primary permit holder in Kenya as well as enable Studies/Academia.